Burleigh Plantation, A Place for Tiny Homes

Located in South Louisiana, Burleigh Plantation is a close knit community of individuals interested in a relaxed lifestyle. Their tiny homes are all unique and packed full of character.

About Burleigh Plantation

I have a commitment to living intentionally. Part of that commitment is to share with those around me. Much like those of my grandparents’ era, I see a community as a necessity and a  building block to creating a fruitful life. Not long after moving to St. Landry Parish and locating a beautiful piece of property, I moved my tiny home to Grand Coteau. 

The property has four acres with an Antebellum-era home originally called the Burleigh Plantation. Inspired by the area’s  charm, I named the tiny home community— Burleigh Plantation: A Place for Tiny Homes.

I’ve completed the initial infrastructure to accommodate 11 sites, including my own. Currently there are two other occupied tiny houses here. Together, we occasionally enjoy nights  under the sky in the pavilion, whether grilling or just sitting by the fire pit listening to music. I don’t want the property to look like an old RV or mobile home park. The design includes grouping three homes in a semi-circle, spaced into four groups. The renovated plantation home is rented to a family. 

I’d like to find more members to join the community who share a desire to live simply and connect with people around them. I’m hoping to find people who are accepting of others, and live a life of loving one another, despite differences. I feel that, in order for a community to grow, you have to be compassionate and forward thinking and accepting. One day, I hope to have the property full of tiny homes.

 I dream of a community that contributes to holistic gardening, enjoying the chickens and whatever other animals join the community. In the world, where some people prefer to follow the “norms” I  feel you should step out from the norm, experience its difference. We’re all unique. To me, thinking different and being different is a gift. “Outside the box thinkers” are the ones who drive the world. There’s so much to do here! We are a  culture of people who are strong,  creative, historical survivors and we like to have fun. Festivals abound in Louisiana with great music and good  food. We enjoy outdoor sports like  kayaking, camping, hiking, and so  much more.

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